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We Achieved a 70% Annualized Return

on our account in 2021 using 3 strategies. Click '2021 Track Record' for details.

Free Trade Alerts
We publicly share our entry alerts for free every day. While most services SELL their alerts, we're thinking BIGGER. Instead, we sell access to our exclusive community of stock traders that are willing to prove their edge, via backtesting. 

Active Community
  We want to collaborate to push the limits of what is possible in the stock market. Given the right tools, the collective community is smarter than the individual.

Data Driven Results
We only make a trade if we know how it would have performed over the past 70+ occurrences. We constantly seek to replicate the same conditions.

 Trade Once a Day  
All our trades are based on End of Day data. All entries, and the majority of our exits occur in the last hour before market close.

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